R2-D2 Cups

August 29, 2013

R2-D2 CupHere’s a fun little printable if you have a need for R2-D2 cups (like I do for an upcoming Star Wars party).

I found these small, white coffee cups and lids at a local restaurant supplier. I didn’t need all 50, but the price wasn’t too bad and I figured I’d send them to work with my husband and maybe save some for the colder days when cocoa and hot cider is being consumed daily.

I’ve seen a version of this cute little cup online somewhere, and first tried drawing one by hand. It was okay. But I didn’t want to sit and draw 20 little cups when I have many other things to get done. Plus it was a bit shaky drawing on curved surfaces.

So I decided to create these stickers out of the white shipping labels I had on hand. Now I can direct my husband to cut them out and stick them on, while I get something else done!!

R2-D2-beforeThey are sized for 8 oz. solo coffee cups. Print on Avery label #5264, that has six labels per sheet, each label is 3 1/3 x 4 inches. I used the white labels. Clear would probably work, but I’m not sure if the margins are the same. Be sure to print a sample on a normal sheet of paper to see if your margins will match up. And set your printer’s margins to “0” all around.

Each sheet makes FOUR cups.

Printable download here: r2-d2-stickers

Oh! And don’t forget the striped paper straw. I got mine for a dollar a pack at our craft store (part of a circus party set) Happy Star Wars planning!!


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